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About Trabia

Trabia started its operations in September 2001 in Dusseldorf, Germany offering freelance IT consulting. It was incorporated in March 2003 as Trabia-Network e.K. in Dusseldorf offering various IT services to corporate customers, such as on-site consulting and supporting for data center and hosting companies. In December 2005 Trabia SRL was incorporated in Chisinau, Moldova with focus on outsourcing remote consultatancy and support to hosting providers. During 2006, all operations were moved from Germany to Moldova and Trabia-Network e.K. ceased its activities. With the end of 2009 Trabia started offering its own data center and hosting services to customers worldwide. A large customer base was built, with the majority of customers being from Europe and Asia. Due to the large Asian customer base, Trabia-Network Limited in Hong Kong was incorporated in April 2013 and took over all international business relationships, while Trabia SRL maintained the Moldovan business relationships.

Today, Trabia houses the largest server farm in Moldova, making it the leading data center facility in the country; in addition, it operates one of the largest network backbones in Eastern Europe.

Trabia and its logo are international registered trademarks in various countries, such as Hong Kong, Moldova and Germany.

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