Our Technologies

Trabia provides its customers high quality data center and hosting solutions. We operate our very own data center facility in Chisinau, Moldova. Our facility is provided with guaranteed power through multiple power feeds, UPS battery packs and diesel generator. Industrial air conditioning systems are used to keep the temperature within the data center on a constant level. The facility is secured using biometric scanners, key card readers, CCTV and security guards. All equipment is owned by us, we are not a reseller.

We operate an advanced international network, AS43289, using Juniper Networks routers and switches, wavelengths, dark fibers and various network appliances to analyze and optimize the traffic flow. We operate our own network edges in Chisinau, Moldova; Bucharest, Romania; Frankfurt am Main, Germany and Hong Kong. All our POPs are connected with each other using our own MPLS network with multiple protected paths. The entire network is owned and managed by us while only paths are rented from various network partners.

Our network is fully DDoS Protected of currently up to 2 Tbps. We achieve this by combinding multiple filter capabilities together. We use Juniper Networks hardware to filter attacks on-site and multiple network partners to filter large attacks before they even reach our network. Further we are constantly developing our own DDoS mitigation capabilities on our network edges.

As a member and Local Internet Registry at the RIPE NCC in Europe and APNIC in Asia, we are able to maintain all our public network resources independently from any other organization.

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Our network partners

The following companies and organizations are providing us with various services and equipment which enables us to provide our customers a high quality network they can relay on.